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I am eternally in Magali’s debt.

In the last week… I have acquired a sweet little fuzzy hamster named Badger. She’s cute. I have also dropped the Anthro 15 (yes, because I need even more basic instruction in human biology…) and have turned in the last of the necessary forms to switch majors. I’ve survived another Comp Corps orientation – a lot of hard questions raised that we’ll have to address later on in the year… whee.

My current projects:
– scheduling work with Carole
– the benighted rep work
– making “archival copies” of my CD’s and trying to make a playlist of the ones that most often get stuck in my brain on repeat…
– cleaning my disaster of a room
– meeting new people

Tomorrow I do the Ireland paperwork with SJA.

In the news – Oak View has a swim team now. My home valley’s pretty well flooded, La Conchita did the slide again (why would you live there? Why would you rebuild on the same site after the last slide?) and most of the Ventura County highways are closed. Several of them really closed, not just till the mud’s cleared away. Lovely weather for ducks indeed. Apparently mud wrestling does have practical applications… I’m glad I don’t keep my horse down on Creek Road. I kinda wish I were home… so that I didn’t have to hear about all this through such unreliable sources as Fox and CNN. And the BBC! Sheesh.

Maybe it’s the second Flood – taking out Southeast Asia and Southern California. Interesting timing and targeting – though they missed LA. *sigh*

~ by jackelopette on January 13, 2005.

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