Recipe for a happy hamster.

Rolly Ball
3 befuddled cats
1 sleeping cat on bed (ignore her snores)

Place hamster into ball.
Roll roll roll roll roll THUMP roll roll THUMP roll roll MmmmrrrOW! roll roll HISS roll roll roll THUNK roll roll roll stop preen roll roll BUMP roll roll roll mmmmmraw roll roll stop roll roll CRACK roll roll roll THUMP…
Repeat as necessary until hamster is tuckered out and cats are cowering in fear.
Return hamster to cage for nap and drink.
Wake up around midnight to squeaky wheel.
Turn over. Ignore wheel. Return to sleep.

I mean, when the critter’s in her cage the cats are fascinated. She’s fascinated. They spend ages staring at each other. But put her in her rolly ball and she’s got massive road rage. She rolls over tails, chases kitties from their food, follows them until they puff and hiss and scramble onto chairs…

Yea, verily, hamsters are endless entertainment.

~ by jackelopette on January 20, 2005.

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