I rock.

Mwahahaha! I am kitchen genius!

Well, for having mastered a couple simple dishes anyway. 🙂

Tonight was salmon with dill butter, baked potaytoes (potahtoes!), yummy salad and cookies. I’m actually feeling a bit more at home in the kitchen now. Despite my parents’ best efforts, I hadn’t quite picked up the knack for cooking. I’m not sure what the change is, whether my good mood is caused by the sunlight and leads to the confidence and energy, or if it’s good things happening and me feeling good about them and the sunlight just topping it all off… but I like it!

Feeling artsy and cook-ish and excited about stuff. Energetic. I know part of it’s the sunlight – Davis has been gray and depressing since I got up here at the beginning of January, and after the rain last week it turned bright again.

Of course it would have to be midterm week… I hope it stays sunny after all the tests are done.


~ by jackelopette on January 31, 2005.

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