I would like to submit the opinion that all anthropology papers are composed of varying degrees of BS. Observe that the grading “criterea” for the alleged ‘term paper’ lays great weight upon the size, color, consistency, and smell of said BS. The professor cares not for the actual argument, and even dances around the concept of making the paper seeeeeem important. I would also wish to draw your attention to the paradox of the first and last lines.

But then, when have I ever expressed doubt in the quality of my educators?

15 point total

10 points Clarity, creativity, and persuasiveness of argument, including:
-How convincing the paper is about the cultural meaning that is in the chosen ads
-How interesting the interpretations are, and how relevant the interpretations are to the main point of the essay
-How significant the student author makes their interpretations of the ads seem, in terms of what the interpretations tell us about our world, our society, or ourselves

5 points Effectiveness of writing, including:
-How easily and smoothly the paper reads
-Whether paragraphs seem to flow naturally and logically from one to the next
-Whether sentences seem to flow naturally and logically from one to the next
-Whether the sentences are awkward, or whether instead they speak straight, in a way that naturally conveys their meaning
-Whether the grammar, sentence structure, word usage and spelling is correct”

Hello class. My name is Professor K. I am a ‘visual anthropologist’ -which means that I can’t speak for squat and your entire class will consist of writing BS ‘exercises’ based on huge videos that take half an hour to download on the CAMPUS CONNECTIONS! I will also take no excuses for late papers, even when students come to me at the beginning of the quarter with notes from their employers or families or whatnot specifying the exact dates and asking for the assignment information ahead of time so that the papers won’t be late. Oh no. No no no. That wouldn’t be fair. Even if I were to give them the information the exact same amount of time ahead of their turn-in date that the rest of the class would have before its due date… no, that still wouldn’t be fair. Far better to let the student fail because the paper wasn’t in on time. And then to let the students plot viciously against me so that my coffee contains an embarrassing amount of laxative… just before the final.

Again, hello. My name is Professor K. I do not plan my lectures ahead of time, nor can I speak or write clearly. My handouts consist of inflated words and repetitive sentences. I do not make sense. I put my students to sleep, even with the films I show.

An A? Sure, everyone deserves an A. Except you. Hahahahaha!

~ by jackelopette on February 20, 2005.

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