So I'm embracing my inner webgeek…

I use Mozilla Firefox. Yay Firefox! I am happy to conform to the minority status quo. Er… something like that.

So anyway, Firefox has this great extension called “StumbleUpon” – it’s a toolbar. And when you click the button (as I am prone to do… particularly bright red ones with DOOM printed upon them… but I digress) you are taken to a random webpage. That you would not otherwise have found. Best of all, they’re not entirely random – they’re approved/submitted by actual humans.

And thus mightily entertaining.

Some of the memorables thus far:
Self-Annihilating Sentences — S. Gorn
The End of the Internet
W’s Inbox

I leave you to your idleness and get me to mine.

~ by jackelopette on March 7, 2005.

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