All righty then…

Here’s what the summer’s looking like so far…
Yeah, I need to start keeping a calendar of all this online where everyone can access it. Whee.
June 16: Finals end.
June 17-30 (roughly): Chicago for Mahon Clan Reunion 2005. Roadtrip with the relatives?
July 1-11: Home?
July 12-?: Club Week in Canuckistan? Y’know, assuming that they want an icky nasty American up there with their teens…
August 4-7: State Leadership Conference at UC Davis
August 3-14: Ventura County Fair
August 8 – Sept 16: Summer Session II
Sept 17: NAC 180 Begins – heading to Mono Lake I think.
Sept 26: Fall Quarter Begins.

I’ll start looking at that whole calendar thing. I’m also toying with the idea of getting myself a domain name and some space on a commercial server (Yes, Hendo, maybe M6…) so that I can start playing with WordPress or MovableType and be more like Tristan. Who is my hero, y’know. Go check out his website! Go! He also plays with code. So he has a playlist function that shows his Winamp playlist with album covers and all.

Tristan is a web god. And no, he didn’t actually pay me to say that. Yet. 😉

Oh yeah. The rest of March. You who will be in town, schedule your appointment with me for the usual rollicking good times.

March 16-18: Wisconsin. Youth in Governance workgroup meeting. Hopefully the 4-H leaders know how to celebrate St. Paddy’s properly. C’mon, it’s a green holiday! And besides, the 4-H clover is really a confused shamrock. Look at the shape of the leaves!
March 19: I turn 21. I trust Faryn and Sandy and any other buddies in town to show me a good time.
March 21: Two finals. ANT 2 and NAC 1 (Take-Home).
March 23: Last final. Latin. Homeward bound!
March 24: Visit Grandma, belated birthday dinner with Russ et al at Bernadette’s.
March 25: AMY!!! Something.
March 26: open for now – trail ride if JR ever gets back in touch… grrr.
March 27: Some religious holiday about a deity rising from the dead… yes, I know, I know. It’s the anthro speaking.
March 28: Whale watching with Pater
March 29: open
March 30: Back to Davis with Faryn and the Ojai Girls (we sound like a SoCal version of Dixie Chicks, don’t we)
March 31: Back to the lecture halls…

Am I not a scheduling queen?

Yeah, looking at all the dates, Ireland could have fit but wouldn’t have been leisurely.

… off to Anna’s lovely-smelling dinner night …

~ by jackelopette on March 8, 2005.

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