1. Travel agent screwed up – booked my flight for tomorrow. I will be reimbursed the extra $$ it took to change the date. Hence I arrived 2 hours late to the meeting, but I DID arrive!

2. Kyle and Alan are here (Collegiate 4-H’ers). Kyle is on the ’06 National Collegiate 4-H Conference planning team for Columbus. Alan is part of the Alabama Group. Both are English majors and pre-law, so we had a grand old time discussing the nature of our respective programs. Since they’re both NYDC alumni, there were some new perspectives. AND THE GREAT IDEA OF REPEATING THE 2002 CONVERSATIONS FOR COLLEGIATE 4-H OVER THE NEXT 11 MONTHS! whodathunkit?

3. Good group of people. I like this whole working-on-initiatives thing. I just wish we were a little more concrete in our dreamings.

4. I get to spend the first 7 hours of my 21st birthday in Madison. Mom called the extended family (Schalk) and so I won’t be totally alone Friday night. I still have to fly out of here at 7 AM or so – Sandy and Faryn better have something fun planned for when I arrive! Maybe we’ll head into SF, maybe we’ll hit the Davis nightlife… who knows.

5. They stuck me in a posh hotel. It’s niiiiiiice. I have a king bed. And my own bathroom – with the Gilchrist & Soames bath stuff! Woohoo!

6. Er, yeah. I just felt that five was a totally overdone number. I mean come on, most predatory mammals have five digits/paw! Let’s be creative here. Uuuuummmmm yeah.

7. Apparently Canada is a real and legitimate possibility. Sweet! I’ll probably have to cover my flights, but other than that… *squee* See, I’m travelling abroad this summer. Just not intercontinentally. Or something.

8. Go poke someone else. I’m off to take my sumptuous bath and recline in my fluffy bed. I like being pampered! I guess they heard it was my birthday… 😉

~ by jackelopette on March 16, 2005.

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