The day after…

Woke up this morning in a very nasty-sad-frustrated mood.

Then I walked to downtown Davis and just wandered around… four scifi/fantasy purchases at Bogey’s Books and a pair of reference books at Borders later, and I was feeling a lot better. Went for food at Pita Pit with Sandy and Jess, drove past a couple of apartment complexes, and came home around 8ish.

And I just got one of the wishes, or at least the start of one. So I’m feeling so much better. Thanks to the giver of said wish.

I guess it wasn’t just me. And that gives me a lot of hope. I hope it lasts through finals. Because it makes me happy.

What a dream I had
Pressed in organdy
Clothed in crinoline
Of smoky burgundy
Softer than the rain
I wandered empty streets down
Past the shop displays
I heard cathedral bells
Tripping down the alleyways
As I walked on
And when you ran to me, your
Cheeks flushed with the night
We walked on frosted fields
Of juniper and lamplight
I held your hand…

The thing with genial spirits is that they make you fall a little bit more in love with the world. Paying it more attention, noticing the details… on my walk today my knee started hurting less as I noticed the green blooming springtime…
I’ve always loved my birth month for its spectacular storms and subtle liveliness. There’s the obvious, like the blossoming trees and daffodils, then there’s the subtler flowerings. The sky lightens and instead of gray the world is washed with green – the pale peridot of new leaves, not the vibrant viridian of full foliage. There’s such variety in the shades!

But I’m noticing things and storing them for later descriptions, because the crazy spirits have come again to tap me and they won’t leave me alone. Even to write a paper!


~ by jackelopette on March 20, 2005.

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