The first Davis student in history to turn 21 and celebrate it by going to San Francisco to eat dim sum. No alcoholic frenzy, no big party, nothing that I’d been looking forward to except the slightly goofy afternoon with roommates and good food.

It fits perfectly into my pattern, and I didn’t even have a choice about it.

At least Mom sent flowers and my dad sent some really good little gifts.

And after all the build-up of “this is where we’re gonna take you and this is what you’ll do” it never happened.

‘Cause finals suck. They suck the life out of you, they suck your friends away, they leave you stressed out. Even when you’re not stressed out about your own tests because you’re stuck in the baby prerequisite classes.


This really really sucks. And after all the promises too. I went through all the crap of changing flights and getting my finances together so that we could go do this, and we only did the unplanned part. Not the crazy part. Not the new thing. The part I was really looking forward to doing, because it would have been the two people here in this town that I actually consider my best friends. So much for waiting to celebrate with everyone. There’s a promise I never should have kept.

Funny. It’s the people from out of town who cared enough to call or write or IM. It’s the people I haven’t seen in years who remember, even the people I’ve only met once. Even Megan managed to call, and I got to talk to my cousin right before her baby.

Spring break better get its act together – anything’s gotta be better than this.

~ by jackelopette on March 20, 2005.

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