On Illness

I detest being sick. There is nothing guaranteed to bring me low so much as illness. I’ve spent the last three days, or at least the simple majority thereof, sleeping and sniffling and scratchy-voiced and sore-throated.

I especially don’t like having my Picnic Day festivities experienced under the influence of mild fever. I mean, that slightly drunk sort of disorientation is fun, but I’d rather not have it wasted on a beautiful day with the bands playing and people having fun and life generally looking good. No no. I prefer my delirium on rainy gray days when I can nestle comfortably into my covers with good books to feed my hallucinatory dreams.

Running a fever on a warm day is miserable. There is no way to cool off, and if I try, I’d just get the prickly-skinned chills. Rawr.

So I survived the high school students, but of course this year we got a really good group and I wasn’t coherent enough to enjoy the fun. I went to Picnic Day, where the entire campus turns into a huge 100,000-person party and the feeling of collegiate affection is high, but I was only ambulatory therein for about two hours. Then I went home and slept for an equivalent amount. I visited Sandy’s family in Walnut Creek for their Easter/Sandy’s Birthday celebration today, but crashed for about 4 hours on one of their guest beds. I find it amazing that my voice (apparently) doesn’t sound nearly as scarred as it feels.

And here I am, having slept, say…hmmm 39 of the last 72 hours. 54% or more than half of the last three days.

I blame my roommate.

She’s had the cold/sore throat thing for the last week or so. This feels more like real flu. Obviously – I’ve got the fever, the associated sore muscles and incredible fatigue, my usual fever-associated backache, the cough, the slightly scratchy throat… Bah.

At least I’m far away from February, that accursed month of grayness and flat pressure. Although, I must admit, this year’s February had some gorgeous days and some good conferences. And the weather was much much brighter than usual.

So I think I’ll go sleep some more, and if I don’t feel better tomorrow I’ll drop by Cowell after Anthro lecture.

I mean, it has been getting better. My throat isn’t really sore, and the congestion has been fairly manageable without drugs (since I ran out of Sudafed!). I’m just sick of the fatigue. Blah.

~ by jackelopette on April 17, 2005.

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