I like sleep. That’s where I’m a Viking.

Well, the May Fair was a little disappointing, but I ended up with a good dinner. Kinda funny, I go from vegan fare to a western steakhouse back to home where I have milk and cereal for breakfast to vegan fare to home where I have leftovers for lunch and Sandy’s beef & tater tots dinner.

I think I may join Debbie’s group – animal welfare and “right treatment” but without requiring vegetarianism of its members. I figure I’ve evolved my canines and bicuspids for a reason. I am an omnivore. Maybe someday I’ll take further steps and become a vegetarian like Faryn (who’ll still eat sushi ’cause it’s irresistible). Right now I’ll eat most food. I tend to avoid deep-fried things, nasty hamburger (except the rare In’n’Out), and brussels sprouts. I mean, why make myself suffer?

The Whole Earth Festival (WEF) was fun today. I hung out for a little with Steven, then with Sandy. I have a toe ring now. My right toe (the one that stays home) feels violated. The first ring the dude tried was too big – he wedged it past my toenail and it freely rotated about my toe’s joints. The next smaller size was a littttttle snugger. I gripped the chair and said OOWWWIIIEEEE! OW! and Sandy said that was the price of beauty. It didn’t really hurt all that much, I just wasn’t expecting it to be That tight. Now that it’s on, I enjoy having it. I think the toe is still a little indignant. Kind of like a shorn sheep. Or maybe a shorn Aussie shepherd. Ha!

Hmmm. I think I might return to WEF tomorrow… just to watch the hippies. I rather enjoy watching all the different people in their varied styles… that and the shopping’s fun. I ran into many Nature & Culture classmates. All of me but that one toe is content. I think that’s a pretty good day’s work.

~ by jackelopette on May 7, 2005.

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