1. Collegiate 4-H is set up for next year. I’m prezzy again. I don’t know how I feel about that. Yeah, I want to see the club grow, I want to have a say in where it goes, I think I can do an all right job of that, but I’m not so sure that I’m the best for it. But then, we have all of next year to deal with that.

2. I am tired and hungry. Soon we shall repair to El Mariachi for food from Veeektor.

3. Met with the Animal Awareness group thingy. There was lots of business, but also Debbie saying “Milk these, buddy!” and “I swear I’m not checking you out but all I see is cleavage!” Funnily enough I responded with the idea for a Collegiate 4-H fundraiser: “See more of Collegiate 4-H at UC Davis! Buy thongs today!”

4. Food. Sleep. Sleeeeeep.

~ by jackelopette on May 26, 2005.

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