Fork the French!

Sandy’s leaving to study abroad on Thursday. She couldn’t get her student visa till today, because of massive paperwork delays.

After a long day’s suffering, I’m finally getting to study for my Anthro final. We were supposed to leave ‘Frisco at noonish…

We left at 8.
Got to BART around… 9:15.
Found a spot (finally) at about 9:45ish.
Got to San Francisco at about, oh, say 10:30ish.
Got to the Franch Consulate at about 10:40ish and spent until 11:20 running around getting bank statements and photocopies.
Got back to the Consulate at 11:30.
Made more photocopies at STA travel.
Found out that Sandy’s photo ‘wasn’t quite right’ for her student visa.
French Consulate closes at 12 for a 2-hour lunch break.
We got lunch, met a cool dude who helped us kill time by telling us about a cool child-sponsorship program, got a fresh photo, and made it back to the Consulate at 2.
Waited in line forever.
Finally got seen (again) at 2:30.
Finally got the visa in hand at 3:00.
Another BART ride and incredible traffic later, we finally made it back to Davis at 5:45. PM.


~ by jackelopette on June 14, 2005.

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