It’s 4:42 AM. I went to bed at 1:10 after a study party with Sandy, Andrew, and Nick (a new friend from the Epic Quad Battle, for those who haven’t been keeping up).

I have been tossing and turning since then. I have an Anthro final at 8. Now, I’ve had my eyes closed and I’ve been just letting my mind wander and doing the breathing exercises, but I can’t quite make it across the border into dreamland.

For those who will speak to me or encounter me today, do not be surprised if my eyes are red with purple luggage, or if they start watering, or if I go suddenly crazy. I have that “I haven’t slept enough” taste in my mouth and my stomach is growling even though it’s been fed.

I don’t like insomnia. I have it so rarely. *whimper* I just want finals to be done! I don’wanna leave Davis yet, but I’m counting the hours (literally) till I can sell back these books and get back to the rest of my life.

13.25, if anyone cares.

~ by jackelopette on June 15, 2005.

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