Further Reunion Rantings, or, "How I Got Lucky"

No, we weren’t in Kentucky.

So… with the spouses and partners and significant others (o my!) the warm body count for the Mahons/Evanses/Sacketts has been revised to approximately 100.

G’Aunt Louise sprang some more news on us Saturday. So… her grandmother was never ever spoken of… at all. Everyone assumed she was sent to a mental hospital. Well, Louise did some searching of headlines and whatnot, and discovered that my (and nearly everyone else’s) dear Great-Great-Grandma Margaret was an adulterous cat-burglaress. And her father was a typical Corrupt Chicago Politician — something to do with ward scandals and embezzling and him using his connections afterward to get put in charge of the dog pound. 3 months later the headline said the dog pound was going under.

So… between the politics and the stolen goods, the old Mahon fur business and Papa’s & Uncle Chris’s political legacies are definitely in line with the good ol’ genes. Oh, and apparently “when Margaret got mad, everyone got out of her way” — looks like us Mahon wimmen come by it honestly.

By dint of these newfound stories, we now have an undetermined number of new relatives. The Curran cousins. I’ll do a further Warm Body Count when Louise gets it to me. And I still have to count up Roemers and Elberfelds too… yick.

When I get married, only the family members I ACTUALLY KNOW get invited. I can’t afford more than about 75 family members. Remember how many buddies I’ve got, too!

…Kath Kramer (Schalk… Elberfeld… etc) has an awesome piece of property about 30 minutes outside Madison, WI. I had a great time. She has about 6-8 chickens, 2 guinea fowl, 2 pairs of ducks, 4 rabbits, 2 mice, and 5 cats. Naturally, I felt quite at home.

…our flight from O’Hare to Las Vegas was delayed by an hour. So we missed our connection to LAX. For those of you who haven’t been to Las Vegas, the airport is full of slot machines. I walked over there with $10, went down to $7, and walked away with $81. My first gambling experience. I rock. I got lucky!

Of course, we’ll see how it all averages out.

…More memories as I recall them. It’s been a very full week.

~ by jackelopette on July 1, 2005.

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