What rough beast…

I can’t believe what’s happening in the Gulf Coast.

All I can think of is junior year in Mr. Cestaro’s class, reading Alas, Babylon and being so very very afraid… and thankful that the cold war was at least a few more steps removed from my front door.

Reading the news reports out of New Orleans just brings it all back.

I want so badly to run away from this whole roommate/rent/apartment disaster, I can feel the flight/fight response surging through me every time I think of it. And then I can understand, a little tiny bit, what might be driving the fear in New Orleans. I just worry for my sanity level, not my life. I’ve never feared for my life. I’ve always been able to do SOMETHING about my situation.

I don’t typically pray, but all the hopeful wishful thoughts I have are going toward New Orleans. My generation has never seen anything like this firsthand, then we get two in the same year period, one on each side of the globe. I have no framework to process it except that one book – and that shocks me.

~ by jackelopette on September 2, 2005.

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