For the sake of feeling loved…

…I give you a moment’s update on the previously mentioned items.

Essentially completed. Now for the gradual unpacking as-needed of desk items. Everything else is pretty much in place.

After four separate calls on Tuesday, I’ve finally managed to get it settled. The last step, activating the DSL, should take place on or before Friday. If it doesn’t happen, they will be hearing my angry voice on the other end of a baseball bat.

Speaking of baseball bats, we had fun last Thursday night/Friday morning. I will be sure to expand upon the tales of our Mischief Nights at a later date.

Well, you know you’re pretty much over one when you find yourself attracted to another. Nothing to the point of pursuit, but I have resumed my general appreciation of passing specimens. Be happy for me. It means I’m ready to start moving forward again. On another note, it’s much easier on all concerned hearts to continue pining for a great fit than allow oneself to settle for a lesser fit. After all, why break two hearts when one will do? Sorry, that’s the Catholic guilt talking. And on a final note, Sandy may or may not be flying to France. Somehow I hope she does, but then again I do not want her getting hurt more deeply than she is now. I trust her judgement though, particularly when it comes to herself. She may worry a lot, but she always ends up making the right kind of choice.

–Camping Vol. 1–
I succeeded in camping with Sandy, Yost, Tiger, Steven, Allison, Sandy’s Mom (who sometimes has it going on), Becca, Carl&Girl, Kevin, Sandy’s Brother Kenn & Gloria… and a large jar of non-dairy creamer. That stuff makes campfires go FOOM! Even without forty million volts through it!
Yost, upon hearing Sandy and me arguing about the nature of the resident herd of cattle: “I don’t like it when Mommy and Mommy fight!”
Kenn, upon nearly getting another burn hole in his pants from a spark: “No one knows the status of my flaming nut hair!” Yes, I’m still disturbed by this one. So’s his wife.
Allison, upon watching the fire consume various items: *silent, cryptic smile*

–Camping, Vol. 2–
Expect a large update following my presumably triumphant survival of a week’s worth of NAC students and teachers on our camping trip next week. So far it ain’t looking too enjoyable… but I hope that will change.

–4-H and Work–
Mostly the same as before. With more juggling.

–UC Davis–
I dropped the class. Thanks, Steven!

Badger enjoys life on the ground floor. Levi is sound. Faryn’s Bo has gone on to a better home, and I’m not using that as a metaphor for thanatos, either. We may be adopting a kitten or two, as they’re incredibly young, cute, and in need of a good home. Fortunately decisions on that can be delayed for a while, at least until they’re both healthy and sound.

–Family and Friends–

Still quite stressful, but at least the end is indeed within my sights. Now just to balance the finances and get on with it…

Today’s Wicked reference:
Every so often we long to steal
To the land of what might have been
But that doesn’t soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in…

~ by jackelopette on September 20, 2005.

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