De vita mea

I am still alive.

We moved over a month ago and I spent my first actual weekend at home. Even then, it wasn’t entirely at home – my dad came up and we hit the Napa Valley with some friends.

DC was vaguely productive – edumacated some teens and their adult partners (as in, partners-in-crime as we spread the Word about Youth In Governance), got lost on public transportation, and encouraged violence against Steven.

I wish the good classes didn’t all conflict with the ones I have to take.

My kitten is adorable. 8 weeks old and I swear her kitty kibble is laced with jet fuel. She has two settings: electrified and snoring.

Long days with not terribly much to do = a Cindy who’s waiting for the next fun thing.

~ by jackelopette on October 10, 2005.

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