Ave atque vale

Perhaps separated by a few weeks, but I’ve said goodbye to one pet and gained another.

My kitten Sophie has a built-in pacifier. When she starts getting bite-happy, I just scoop her up, curl her on her back, and give her the tip of her tail or one of her hind feet to chew on, and she’s happy. Go figure. It’s funny when she’s still chewing as I set her back down on the carpet, and she falls over.

Levi went to a horse adoption agency today – the lady running it is very sweet and capable, so I feel pretty confident that he’s in good hands. It’s just… saying another in a long string of goodbyes. It’s long past time, though. Now he’ll be with someone who can both make time to play with him and afford to keep him.

This weekend was also my last official meeting with the Computer Corps. I didn’t reapply this fall, so when they meet again in January I won’t be there to indoctrinate the new members. Then again, I know that I’ll see a number of them again through Collegiate 4-H, and others as I join the SLC planning committee for the 2006 conference.

Ventura-Ojai people — I’ll be home for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to catch a flight home on that Tuesday afternoon, so that I’ll be home in time for Trivia. Any volunteers for picking me up? I could even hop on Amtrak and meet someone in Camarillo or Oxnard…

Someday I’ll figure out all these greetings and goodbyes.

~ by jackelopette on October 17, 2005.

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