Tryptophan and other turkey byproducts

1. Every Tuesday night a bunch of my old high school teachers compete (as the team “Hot and Crispy”) in a community trivia game held at an awesome restaurant in Ojai. When I’m home, I show up and reconnect with them all. Mom and Sheila go regularly, even when I’m not there. Well, there are a couple other Villanova alumni who compete with the HC team, and I was told that if we lost this week it would be all my fault. So I started up a new team, calling it The Young Turks, and recruited Amy and Ian (the alumnus who said he’d blame me), Mom, Aunt Kate, and my dad. We kicked arse. I mean, we really kicked arse. We won the first two rounds (and the first one came down to an instant-death tie), tied for second on the third round, lost the fourth round, and won the overall. I am pleased.

2. After the great Harry Potter fiasco on Sunday I was a little bit frightened of seeing it again, but it turned out all right. My dad, Ian, Amy and I met for a matinee show yesterday. Amy and I danced along with the penguins in the Happy Feet preview and basically embarrassed the hell out of the guys. Mwahahahahaha! Got dinner and ice cream afterwards.

3. This morning Sandy called me – the first words out of her mouth were “I think I just broke your cat. No, seriously. I think I just broke your cat.” She was bounding down the stairs and little Sophie (with her usual genius for irritation) was racing her… then cut across Sandy’s path and got squished underfoot. Sandy then spent two hours at the VMTH while Sophie got checked out. Long to short, Sophie’s pretty much unbroken (bones anyway), the panting appears to be a pain response to having her lungs a bit bruised, and they’re keeping her overnight for observation. Oh well, I wasn’t really looking forward to Las Vegas anyway. First one to suggest going anyway and winning enough to cover the vet bill, my airfare, and/or the hotel cost gets thwacked. If you decide to be creative in your suggestion, you get thwacked twice. I love my roommate. I love the kitten too, but I wish she’d develop a bit more intelligence.

4. It was a Very Sperry Thanksgiving. Uncle Harry was absent, Grandma turned 91 yesterday and is planning to continue partying through Tuesday, my dad and Aunt Jean still manage to squabble (although there was very little bloodshed this year), and I have more fodder for my memoirs. Sorry, you’ll have to wait till they’re both written and published.

5. Actually, the only bloodshed today (in my immediate vicinity anyway) was while I was trimming bunny claws. Bucky (the bricklike Dutch – and I’m talking brains as well as brawn) decided that today wasn’t a good day to die and tried to pass along the favor to me instead. He broke a toenail on my sweater, bled all over my pants, and struggled all through the rest of his pedicure. Stupid rabbit. If he’d waited till after the ordeal to start clawing me, neither of us would have been hurt and I wouldn’t have had to change.

6. Did I mention I’m thankful for my roommate? I am. We put up with each other’s quirks and foibles and we even join forces for fun on occasion. See, evil is fun and fun is good. Joining forces for fun is good. Amy and Ian have made this year’s turkey trip quite enjoyable, even with the Great Ditching by the usual suspects. Steveo, always there for target practice and other good times. Jill – coffee and crosswords, yo. The Collegiate 4-H’ers – giving me my regular dosage of drama. What’s not to love? Family, although there are way too many of us, I’m glad I have us. Davis, without you I wouldn’t have met so many of my friends, discovered the wonderful world of webcomics, or learned so many ways to make people squirm with discomfort. It’s much appreciated. I’d spend all my available bandwidth and then some on expanding this list further, so if you’re not explicitly mentioned, consider yourself an object of thanks. Yes, I’m objectifying you. Deal with it.

~ by jackelopette on November 24, 2005.

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