Quotes from the last 24 hours with Sandy.

Sandy: *giggle giggle giggle* *POOT* *giggle giggle giggle*
Me: What?
Sandy: You made me laugh and fart at the same time!
Me: *texting everyone* I made Sandy laugh from both ends!

Me: Let’s go out to lunch with James.
Sandy: *doing the Potty Dance* Pay for me.
Me: Ask James.
Sandy: James, pay for me. *dances*
James: *shrugs*
Sandy: I need pants.
Me: *shrug*
Sandy: *darts into room, gets distracted. Darts back out* So we need to get going. Wait, I need pants.
James: Why?
Sandy: *rummaging in room* how cold is it out there? Do I need hot pants?
Me: …

~ by jackelopette on December 13, 2005.

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