December 13: After Sandy exercises her dominion over a double final, we celebrate with a wine party. Beaujolais Nouveau, Syrah, Shiraz, and Sauvignon Blanc over about 4-5 glasses, and I was pretty gone. As always, I love my roommate for she watches out for me and my hydration needs.
December 14: A bit of a blur in the morning, but Sophie gets her rabies shot, Rainman gets some goodies, and I get the news that I can (on a technicality) graduate in June. I also manage to show my Latin final who’s da boss despite my slight haze. The much-accursed professor brought hemp brownies. I kid you not.
December 15: I conquer my Bio 1C final and pack. I am still feeling a wee bit muffled, thanks to the wine from Tuesday, but I am more than able to slap it and remind it of its place in the world. Ha!
December 16: Steven and I pack Sophie into her carrier, and my junk into the car, and head southward to warm weather and good friends.
Break I
December 17: Russ and I applaud Foggy Dew (another Irish gang) at Dargan’s (SB), then I meet Amy and Elizabeth for a night of reminiscing at their house.
December 18: The Richardsons and I leave Camarillo at 7 AM to make it through the Dizzyland gates by 9. Although the park is hardly empty, waits for the good rides are minimal, especially with the blessed FastPass. I enjoy myself heartily.
December 19-23 Quite the blurry recollections, although I know that we had the usual Trivia game at Pangea’s on Tuesday the 20th, a lunch with my dad’s work buddies on Thursday, and a tiny gathering at our place on Friday the 23rd. Much shopping and frantic preparation for a typical family holiday. Whee.
Intermission: Christmas
December 24 Not terribly much to report, other than a pleasant gathering at our place for turkey and other edibles. My dad and I took a very relaxing bicycle ride up the coast to Hobson’s Beach and back, complete with requisite photograph and reminiscing about telling a biker gang that “real men don’t need motors.” A cut-throat game of Super Scrabble and another of Tribond later, all are content except the losers. Ha ha!
December 25 Much with the chocolate and presents and whatnot. Family fun time, and a cousin I’ve not seen in a good decade. Sophie goes hog-wild with the leftover paper and curly ribbon… and hasn’t stopped yet. Fun gifts and other stories for another day.
December 26 My dad’s birthday, and a Very Sperry Christmas (although no arguments). Took Grandma on a drive up the coast to Lompoc and back, stopping at the beachside cafe in Goleta. A surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable day. 🙂 Aunt Cindy and her kids (plus Uncle Richard) spend the night.
December 27 Cousin Faith wakes Aunt Cindy (story to follow later) in a most hilarious manner. Two meals out, and trivia in the evening. Whee.
Break II
December 28-30 Various trips, gatherings, lazy days, shopping, and photography. I’ll post the resulting images soon.
December 31 Torrential rain, shopping at The Oaks, and the traditional New Year’s Bonfire at the Holmes Home. Yeah, THAT gang deserves an entry allllll to itself.
Today Kinda weird not waking up to the Parade, but oh well. Music and conversation at Dargan’s (Vta) were lovely as always, plus more weirdness at Zoey’s with Jonathan McEuen.

And now, having shamelessly teased you all with tiny tidbits of titillating information, I retire to my bathtub and book. Ha.

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