Blah, I'm tired.

I’ll post more later, as we have a Girls’ Night In (with wine) tonight… but in the meantime, this was my week.

Monday – ill and sleepy.
Tuesday – ill and riding in car with Faryn back to Davis (ew.) Faryn is fun.
Wednesday – slept in, went to Latin at 2. I will like this quarter’s Latin.
Thursday – went to class… noon through 6 pm. Ew.
Friday – no class, apparently no work, ’cause Carole’s outta town. Lunch with James, then I slept all afternoon. Girls’ Night In!!!

In other news, I’m actually feeling pretty homesick. I think it’s partly from being sick, partly from the transition from excellent winter break, and general Davis-being-dark-and-fog-gyness.

Also, I am going to miss a lot of class this quarter. This is workable, since I feel comfortable talking to my professors and I’m interested in the classes, but I don’t like going into a quarter like that. Ah well.

Cousin Paul comes out next week for a tour of NorCal. He’s gonna crash our ski weekend, then Stevo and I will take him for some wine tasting, if Napa’s functional again. We’ll see which wineries/roads are open.

I’m scared of graduating and joining the real world.

~ by jackelopette on January 6, 2006.

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