Life in our apartment has taken a decidedly stressward turn… I’m at 16 units, Sandy’s at 17. For both of us, only one out of our respective sets of classes is not actually required for our majors, but French for her and Latin for me are a sort of relaxing challenge (if that makes sense).

I ended up having a mini stress-out in the office yesterday, so I will be cutting back or at least rearranging my hours there. I’m not doing Comp Corps anymore, I’m more than a little burned out on Collegiate 4-H (although it’s worth sticking in it ’till the end of the year), and I guess I’m just feeling my own peculiar brand of senioritis. There are still many things I would love to have done in Davis, but more and more I’m getting the feeling that 4 years is just the right amount of time to spend here.

Don’t worry, I’ve still got things I greatly enjoy, and I actually like all my classes this quarter. I just wish the time-thing would balance a little better. Blah. We go skiing this weekend. I deeply hope that it’s a good trip. Then Cousin Paul and I head to the Bay Area on Tuesday for lunch with Henry, and steal Steven for a Napa trip on Wednesday. Paul leaves Thursday evening. I love family but I hate playing host. 😛

What comes next?

~ by jackelopette on January 12, 2006.

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