Drama Report

The drama forecast for the next 8 weeks:
— Major dramastorm warnings are currently in effect for the areas surrounding the UC Davis campus. Those working with ASUCD are especially at risk.
— Heavy to severe dramastorms in National Collegiate 4-H, peaking in Ohio over February 22-26. Carry protective gear, including a copy of Robert’s Rules if you will be in the area.
— Low to moderate levels of drama in State Collegiate 4-H as the spring calendar gets underway, potentially peaking over February 4 with a mild dramashower in the State Leadership Conference planning meeting.
— Light dramabreezes in Collegiate 4-H at UC Davis, continuing through finals into the next quarter. Expected peaks include financial conversations and mild politicking.
— Patchy stressclouds with mild to moderate drama temperatures are expected as the quarter progresses. Periods of relaxation are scheduled for January 21-22 and 30 as well as February 11-12 and 18-19.

~ by jackelopette on January 18, 2006.

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