On Associating with Heretics (Sorry, Mom)

In my Medieval Latin class, we’ve been doing lots of early Church translations. I mean, what else was there to discuss back then? Ha.

So anyway, after the obligatory bitch’n’moan about the prof I had last quarter, we started talking about the stuff we were doing in class. Turns out one of the guys who sits near me was declared a heretic and kicked out of seminary. Not just any seminary — that’s right, Wildcats, the Augustinian seminary. Naturally, we started comparing notes on Augustinian Priests We Have Known and generally reminiscing. Apparently he flunked poverty and chastity, and possibly obedience too. Hence, he went through the trial-thingy (sorry, Mr. Vorac, I’ve forgotten its name after 7 years) and is now an official Heretic.

Quote of the day: “well, that means I was essentially kicked out of the church, but I’ve still got my soul!” meaning that he wasn’t excommunicated and thus still has the chance for an indulgence to help him along and get him buried in consecrated ground when he dies.

Considering that I’ve not had the rites of initiation and whatnot, I still know way too much about Catholicism and I’m far too gleeful about Catholic-geeking out in class.

It’s hard to tell how much of the church Latin I’ve just absorbed and how much I actually translate. I guess in what we had yesterday, I’d already translated it when I was singing it in choir. I certainly didn’t memorize it in English.

Catholicism: the religion for trivia buffs.

~ by jackelopette on January 21, 2006.

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