It's midterm season…

2 papers last Thursday. Ecology midterm today (with wicked calculus-type math! ew! Down with natural logs!). Paper proposal for Latin tomorrow. Latin “how much of a geek are you, really” test tomorrow. Lunch with peer advisor Danielle tomorrow. Ecology discussion tomorrow.

Then it’s off to Ohio to present a couple of workshops on power dynamics amid all the usual Collegiate 4-H drama… then Davis for a couple of days, then Utah for a 4-H volunteer conference with Mom.

I figure that if I survive ’till March 6 I’ll be in good shape.

Oh yes — Sandy is recuperating, the crutches are slowly transforming from support to weapon, and we’re both gleefully bitter in our single-hood.

Davis is rich in friend-quality people, but sorely lacking in date-quality.

~ by jackelopette on February 21, 2006.

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