Columbus, OH

2006 National Collegiate 4-H Conference…

  • “Sometimes the furnaces worked to keep us warm, and when they didn’t, we all got a little more friendly.” ~ Larry the speaker
  • “I thought he was just a really tall guy…”
  • “We don’t think that’s safe.”
  • “Could you guys not gather, please?”
  • “It’s against the mall rules to gather…” (as we stand in front of the rules reading them)
  • “I vote to vote that we amend the amendment…”
  • “UC Davis: one yes, one no, and a RESOUNDING KUMBAYA!”
  • “I remember going to the second National Collegiate 4-H Conference… we were talking about constitutions and amendments there, too…”
  • “And the hotel is just a block or few from Baton Rouge’s best bars and clubs…”

As usual, the conference was full of fun people and the drama was more entertaining than harmful (for once)… but I think that our own club is tanking badly. It depresses me to think that I wasted three+ years on something that doesn’t accomplish a whole lot of good compared to the hours we invest. I could have done a lot more with my time.

I guess February delayed itself a bit.

~ by jackelopette on March 8, 2006.

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