From a conversation with my mother…

I will now sum up the entirety of Winter Quarter 2006.

ESP 100
Ecology means all the species work together to achieve a nirvana of good-enough-to-survive

Comp Lit 20
Nature and man are disconnected because man is arrogant and naive and doesn’t understand Ecology (see above).

SOC 180A
Organizations work on an ecological basis: if they’re not good enough to survive, they don’t.

Latin 125
Semper ubi sub ubi, quod nemo exspectat Inquisitionem Hispaniam**.

Collegiate 4-H
The rules say we have to vote to vote in order to amend the amendment, so you can’t vote.

Guild Wars
Dancing naked in the streets can be fun under the right circumstances, and black dye isn’t just a lifestyle — it’s the means to a better life.

Cartilage tear: painful.
Surgery: expensive.
Crutches: slightly less expensive.
Getting hit by the crutches ’cause you called your roommate “Hopalong”: priceless.

Getting kicked out of the Catholic Church makes for great conversation-starters, and can get you a cool new nickname.

Vinum is a great way to bring people together with their true love: chocolate fondue. It goes great on strawberries, bananas, t-shirts….

No matter where Sandy goes or who she meets from whatever country… she will always be able to strike up a conversation with an avid soccer-lover. Somewhere. And I will sit there, laughing.

Dim Sum
I need to have my birthday more often, in order that my friends and I might indulge in the heavenly meal known as dim sum whenever humanly possible.

2006 Davis City Council candidate forum hilarity (my vague memories of last night)
“Dude, we should have a BMX bike park! The kids’ll love it! It’ll be totally wicked!” ~ Rob Roy (of course)
“Don’t put all your baskets in one egg.” ~ Ruth Asmundson
“There’s a lot of growth down there.” ~ Lamar Heystek
“When I was on the Council…” ~ Stan Forbes
“I have a two-year-old daughter… sorry, make that two-and-three-quarters.” ~ Mike Levy

**Always where under where, because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

~ by jackelopette on March 21, 2006.

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