Summer, again.

June 4 — Carmina Burana. Buy yer tickets now.
June 17 — Jack’s Wedding. Seriously, it’s like a 4-H reunion.
June 28 — concert with Mom?
July 14 — Dad’s retirement. Wow.
July 22-23 — SLC meeting, moving self, cat, and clothes to Ventura.
July 24-Aug 7 — Ventura County Fair. I’ll be on payroll! Woohooooooo!
Aug 8-13 — State Leadership Conference @ UCSD.
Aug 14-Sept 15 — Ireland.
Sept 15-Sept 17 — Moving self, cat, and clothes back to Davis? Into a new apartment?
Sept (17)-27? — Settling back in, ready for another… fall quarter anyway.

Looks like Sandy and I will be invading Steven’s apartment complex this fall. Poor guy, he thought he could avoid us…

Since I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate, I’m focusing on the things I want to do while I’m a student. Uh, yeah…

Band-uh-trans, apparently.

~ by jackelopette on May 5, 2006.

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