Day 4, and choir madness!

First, I beg you to note the time of this post. The sun has not yet risen, and therefore it is still night.

Today was cool, in several different stages.

1. Spent the night at Mom’s hotel room, in a lovely bed. By the way, I highly recommend Comfort Suites off Richards, next to Wendy’s and IHOP. Lovely rooms, soft beds, relaxing, well-laid out… and walking distance from semi-decent fast food. πŸ˜›

2. Leisurely breakfast, bit o’ shopping in Fry’s, the usual logy unplanned laziness of a warm Sunday in Davis.

3. Barbecue by Steven, with much aid and abetting from Allison, Kyle, and Omar while Mom, Sara, Tilly, Sandy and I hung out and laughed. The majority of Steven’s presents are actually for his car, including the long-threatened “My Other Car is the Dealer’s Shuttle” license plate frame. πŸ˜€

4. Warm-up for Carmina Burana, with the usual frenzied Omigawdismyhairallright, Oooohoohdoweexitstagerightorleft, and of course, Likedoesanyoneknowwherethebathroomis? before entering Jackson Hall.

5. Carmina Burana. One of those rare occasions when I stop thinking about the music and simply perform, letting the breath and music combine, and it sounded UTTERLY MARVELOUS. The baritone was a ham, of course.

6. Reception. Brief moments with Mom and friends, a bit of looking off the Grand Tier balcony onto the lobby to get away from the crowd, and a good phone call with my dad. I wish he could have seen it. Also, I successfully managed to avoid people that annoy me. Yay!

7. Choir party. 10:30 PM to 4:30 AM. Including drinking games to Carmina Burana movement #14, In Taberna, aka the Endless Bibit song. So, “Bibit” and its various other forms/references appear about three dozen times in the song, and naturally we had to drink for each one… Ex-TA Dave claimed the win both times, but Britney and I know better. πŸ˜€ Then the strip-off between Dave and Stephen(?), the various dance-offs, and the lapdance-offs, all of them by choir people who simply can’t dance (with the exception of the lovely Claire of course). After the complaint by the neighbor at about 2:30, we moved into the garage. Er, we being Jeremy S, Dave, Margie, Claire, Britney, and alumni-Paul. We hung out in the garage till 4:30 admiring the wall (on which only drunk people are allowed to write), the mattresses attached to the wall, each other, and most of all, carrying on ridiculous conversation. I wish I’d started going to these sooner. And no, at no point was I drunk, and wimpy beer doesn’t offend my taste buds nearly as much as normal beer/ale/whatever. πŸ˜›

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