The wedding… well, it was a very Jack wedding. All pretty and traditional and formalish… Greg and I traded tables with a couple of Cal Poly people and sat down at the Kiddie Table on the grass where we were safely free from looking at Jack. All the cool 4-H types were at our table, so we spent most of the reception just hanging out. It wasn’t the most fun I’ve had at a wedding but it was pretty painless. They had gorgeous flower arrangements (Alli stole one for her mom and I took one for my grandma) and every single chair was covered in Tiffany-blue tulle to look like a turquoise tutu… so we filled Jimmy’s cargo area with all the tulle that no one else wanted to take home. I think Steven still has the huge bag of it. If he does, expect mischief.

Things have been mellow in Davis. I was home alone this weekend, cleaned the whole place, and got completely desperate for human company. Had a massive flat tire on Wednesday so I finally took the bike in to the shop and got it overhauled along with a makeover. The new handlebars plus new seat, new front tire, new brake cables, new chain, and general tuning. I actually enjoy riding it now. I watched chick flicks. I walked downtown. I walked everywhere. I got the bike back. I had lunch and dinner with people I hadn’t seen or really spoken to in months. Then Steven and Alli came back from their weekend trip and I regained some sanity. πŸ˜€

Sophie keeps meowing at the door until I open it, then sits there staring at the outside world. I think she’s waiting for Fizz. Silly kitten.

It’s been about 5 weeks since I last was able to meet with Carole (maybe more?) and my work-study runs out on Friday. Ah well, when I finally do get to catch up with her (assuming that she makes this afternoon’s meeting), at least all I’ll be doing is finishing off the last of the assignments. Then when I return in September I get to look for another job. Whee.

Supposed to have thunderstorms today – the heat’s gotten really muggy for the last two days. Alli and I have been living in swimsuits. This weekend we’ll be joining her brother and the Vander Sals (the Humboldt crew) at Anime Expo in Anaheim. Alas, Amy can’t join me for a trip to Disneyland. πŸ˜₯

Next week, Alli and I are hoping to go river rafting while Steven’s at a 4-H thing, then after that we’ll all go “camping” at Uncle Buck’s cabin. And by “camping” we apparently mean “hanging out at the cabin with alcohol and board games and lounging on the beach and playing tag in the redwoods while enjoying the running water and kitchen electricity.” We’ll see when we get there.

Then it’s off home for my dad’s retirement party, back up here to pack up my stuff, then home again for two weeks and working at the Fair until 4-H State Leadership Conference in San Diego and IRELAND!

There. Now you all know what’s going on in my life.

~ by jackelopette on June 28, 2006.

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