It’s kind of hard to describe the way I’ve been feeling recently. Sort of limbo-ish, I suppose. On the one hand, being relatively free of obligation (at least, intellectually demanding obligation) has given me a much-needed respite in which to recharge…
…And on the other, it’s given me a lot of time both to think and to shut off that part of my mind that’s always analyzing, and just hang out with friends.

So, in an effort to seize what little summer freedom I’ve got left, I took off with Alli this weekend for Anime Expo. We departed Davis on Thursday after getting Acura’s belts changed, enjoying a sushi lunch with James, and a few other speedbumps. Then we got take-out Dim Sum in Oakland, got a bit lost, and enjoyed the vagaries of my music collection. 1978 War of the Worlds, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and the UCD Chorus Lord Nelson/Missa in Angustiis performance.

We pulled into Santa Barbara around midnight, which is right about when the Guild Wars “Dragon Festival” event began, so of course we logged on and began playing. When stuff like this happens, it lasts for a few days, people get titles for their accounts and other fun items that the characters can keep and use after the party ends, and it becomes another way for everyone to get together and celebrate online. We, however, treat it as an excuse to get together in person, too, and things get very very crazy.

So we hung out in SB all yesterday, joined by Sam, Kearney, Hammy, Charles, and (Marie?). Madness ensued. Then we left this morning for Anaheim and Anime Expo at the Convention Center. It’s a huge crowd of anime fans, which means lots of Japanese and cartoons and comics and crazy crazy things. Right now I’m chilling in the hotel room while the gang takes in some late-night anime. I hear Disneyland fireworks.

I love the summer.

~ by jackelopette on July 1, 2006.

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