Ireland Report #5 …ish

Alas, while I am quite sorry to have cheated you of the satisfying details last time, I must cheat you again.

I’ve just spent an hour in an internet cafe’ trying to get my 200+ emails to load on the very very slow connection. This is after waiting an hour for the little whiny preteens to stop playing their RuneScape while we’re all in line. Blah.

Since last I wrote, we’ve moved on to Galway, with its rich history of Claddagh rings, famine workers lining along the walls of churchyards, and tempting shops. I’m now sharing a room with Sara and Laura, who are fellow Nature & Culture majors. 2-liter bottles of cider are excellent at oiling the conversational gears. We’re also next door to the other three girls in our little group; I’d rather spend my time giggling and joking around with them than complaining about the wet weather. 🙂

Yesterday was the big trip out to Inis Meain, the middle of the three Aran Islands. It felt a bit like the Channel Islands off the California coast, although Ireland’s have been more or less inhabited since prehistoric times. The whole island is covered with rock walls, necessary to free up the land between them for farming. Apparently birdwatching and bookreading are now activities only undertaken in an effort to suck up to the teacher. Too bad they never bother checking the titles of my books. Ha!

Also, trips to Galway’s aquarium and walking tours of the Burren and the infamous Cliffs of Insanity — I mean Moher — filled our week. It seems like we go somewhere every day, only to come home too exhausted to do much beyond track down dinner. Lots of walking! It’s almost enough to counteract the difficulty of finding edible veggies outside city limits. 🙂 Tomorrow I ride my ponies along the Galway shore, and perhaps I’ll have more time to report afterward.

Hope all’s well back in the States…

~ by jackelopette on September 5, 2006.

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