Belated Ireland Report #6 — Photos!

Not much happened between my last report and now, except for … enduring Customs at least twice (once in Ireland, once in Atlanta) with 4 bags totalling more than my body weight and all without wheels, arriving home for two nights, packing up all my stuff, doing the rounds of the relatives, zooming up to Davis for a half-arsed attempt at Band-uh Camp (UCD Marching Band), my realization that I don’t have time to do Band-uh, moving into my new apartment (Steven and Allison are DOOOMED!), starting classes and choir, going back home for a weekend, filing for graduation (complete with papercuts), and … well, I suppose that’s enough for three or four weeks, really. The overscheduled students are talking about uniting and designing T-shirts… if you’re over 18 and amused by college humor, I’ll tell you my Latin joke* which may make it onto the next CSA club shirt….

Since my usual hosting service (i.e. Tristan) decided to temporarily suspend his server… I’m using the interim method of Yahoo! photos.

A brief guide:
1-4 — Dublin Castle
5-26 — Irish National Stud (5-7 Japanese Garden, 8-14 horses, 15-26 St. Fiachra’s Garden)
27-31 — Monasterboice and Newgrange sites
32-33 — musicians on Grafton Street (Dublin)
34-35 — Trinity College
36-42 — sites around the Dingle Peninsula
43-44 — Muckros House and Killarney National Park
45-52 — various Galway activities (49 is a very foggy view of the Cliffs of Moher/Insanity for you Princess Bride fans) …. Despite the impression, it actually took us a few days to finish off that bottle of wine. Our little group is a bunch of lightweights … and I’m OK with that.
53-54 — Inis Meain, Aran Islands. I’m posing in Synge’s Chair, if anyone’s interested.
55 — More fun with Galway hats.
56-64 — Horseback riding!
65-69 — Westport, Co. Mayo, with many views of Cafe Mahon.
70-74 — Achill Island, Co. Mayo.
75 — An amusing sign in Belmullet
76-79 — Fun with boggy things and cliffs at Ceide Fields Centre.
80-104 — Scenes from our trip to the animal sanctuary. There are some surprisingly good shots in there.
105-118 — Um, Sarah, Laura, Katie and I decided to have an impromptu model shoot. Or maybe we’re a girly band. Katie’s our drummer. I’m the singer. I’m not sure what Sarah and Laura play.
119-133 — Our last evening with the whole class together… and all but the six of us ditched the last little trip out to the tip of Belmullet. So very pretty.
134-139 — We celebrated our last night by doing our girly spa stuff, getting all dolled up, and crashing a wedding reception. Not bad, eh?
140-144 — My last room in Ireland, 34-0-06 in Trinity College. Oscar Wilde with his lovely smirk. Trinity quads.

There you go, my apologies for the delay, and I hope you’ve enjoyed.

~ Cindy

Fine, fine. Here it is. It’s horrid, truly horrid.

* A good Latin student never declines sex.

(Sex is a Latin number (VI or 6) which is indeclinable and thus never changes form no matter what it’s describing. Sorry, all you English students whose adjectives never vary)

~ by jackelopette on October 8, 2006.

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