For vaguely squirmy embarrassment, see today’s Classics 3 lecture. Professor Stem decided to teach us all about different styles of Latin poetry in the Augustan age… and hit upon poor Propertius as an excellent example.

“Do we have any Cynthias in class? Oh, yes! We do! Cindy, there you are in the back!”

He then proceeded to describe Propertius as a man desperately in love with a high-priced courtesan whom he called “Cynthia” … which is all well and good, if you’re used to having a relatively common name like Sarah or Jessica or Jennifer. I’m not.

A Sample or Few … in Latin So good ol’ Propertius is describing (in the voice of Prof. Stem, remember) the divine beauty and loveliness of dear Cynthia’s breasts under that skimpy dress of hers…

No, there were no inappropriate moments or remarks, it just felt a little weird. Yick.

~ by jackelopette on November 7, 2006.

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