Not to get your hopes up too much…

…but really, there’s nothing so soul-devouring and confidence-crushing as the hunt for the first job. Am I right?

In other news, lots and lots of fascinating and frustrating things have happened, but only a few are bloggable. I went to Las Vegas with Mom this past weekend, my roommate brought home a dog while I was there, aaand last night I saw not one but TWO baby equids just minutes after they were born. The first was Sammie, a bay Quarter colt out of a chestnut mare, and the second was Suzie Q, a chestnut mule out of a bay Quarter mare. Sandy and I are both rather disappointed with the uninspiring names.

Really, not much is happening with my life other than job hunting and developing a deep relationship with my computer and my cat. Blah.

~ by jackelopette on February 14, 2007.

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