Today is May 30. I have tomorrow through Sunday off for a class reunion that’s turned into just another packed weekend at home. Doesn’t seem like the rest of my class is going, either, so even if I do go it’ll be just me and the faculty, and maybe a dragged-along friend.

I gave notice at work, and since Chrissie and Heather are leaving too, we’re trying to plan a blow-out goodbye party for the deli folk.

15 days left, a good chunk of which won’t be work.

Then another 2 weeks before I’m planning to leave.

Things I’ve learned in the last week:

  • Doing a kitchen’s worth of crusty dishes by hand goes much more quickly with a glass of wine and a good buddy from the old days.
  • I forgive and forget way too easily.
  • If you show up to a 4-H event without a task, rest (or actually don’t rest… run!) assured that you’ll be given one within a few footsteps.
  • Most men are stupid. That’s why I hang out with the few smart ones almost exclusively.
  • Newly sharpened knives cut right through stuff that used to be more than proof against them. Oh thumbnail, how I miss thee… now if only I could find a band-aid that wouldn’t fall off at the first sign of water…
  • Things change. And change again. And change one more time so that you’re back where you’re started.
  • Everyone, everywhere, will always plan all their events for the same day as everyone else. Always.
  • “A few days of rest and relaxation” never ends up that way when there are other people involved.
  • Murphy’s Law applies.

~ by jackelopette on May 30, 2007.

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