I can’t take the credit for the name, but the outpouring of both fans’ reactions and fan-watchers’ reactions to those reactions over the past little while has been amazing.

See, Gotterdammerung (sorry, I’m not awesome with the umlauts) refers to the prophesied Twilight of the Gods, as illustrated by Wagner. Therefore, Potterdammerung must refer to the ending of the world of Harry Potter.

Unless you read, write, or otherwise enjoy the world of fanfiction.

Premise: you (a fanfiction writer) love a body of work so much that you feel compelled to continue it under your own aegis.

Premise: you (a fanfiction reader) enjoy seeing someone else’s take on that world. Or you feel the author made a grievous mistake in pairing Ron and Hermione and delight in others’ taking action to correct this.

Premise: there exist, on the Intarnets, a wide variety of sites and fora targeted at the world of fanfiction.

Canon: the network of relationships, plot points, situations, and other key details that the original author/creator has used to define the world in question.

Therefore: the two groups (readers and writers) react in their own special ways to original-author-imposed changes in Canon.

According to the Greater Internet F—wad Theorem (sorry, the title and idea belongs to someone else, I am unable to change it for the meeker constitutions), when a person has an opinion, access to an internet forum of some sort, and anonymity, that person has a high probability of appearing like a dumbarse (read: f—wad).

Conclusion: Potterdammerung is highly amusing to those of us who don’t take it seriously. I recommend Googling and researching the questionable term “Fandom Wank” for your own edification. I take no responsibility for any offense that may ensue.

~ by jackelopette on July 14, 2007.

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