Mass Highlighting

While it’s all very much still undecided, I do have an opportunity to do a 3-month internship at the National 4-H Council in Chevy Chase, MD. Once I get a few more of the details worked out, I intend to go do it. I’m excited. It’s about time.

Boston was a good trip. Very few of my plans worked out as expected, but it ended up being a fun fun time. Essentially, I tweaked my back and ended up staying out late, so my planned tours didn’t exactly happen the way I’d intended. So, some highlights:

  • Mrs. Hoye look-alike on the Midway-Providence flight. Quite disturbing, for any of my readers who went to VPS. *shudder* And she was directly ahead of me in the SWA line.
  • Staying with a couple high school buddies whom I don’t get to really hang out with that often… things change but fun stays the same.
  • Harvard Yard was an instance of major deja vu – geography is very very similar to Trinity College. I lolled and people-watched. I may not be a Harvard or MIT grad, but at least I have used the same toilets as the finest minds of my generation… now what does that say about me?
  • Eating dinner outside Fenway Park during the Sox-Angels game and watching the fans. Also laughing at the t-shirts.
  • Harvard Bridge and Smoots.
  • MIT Hacks. I got the first-person commentary on a few of them from Jason…
  • The MIT Great Glass Pumpkin Patch. Pretty pretty glass pumpkins.
  • I didn’t do the full Freedom Trail but I did manage to wander around Boston Common with an old and a new friend. Horses need diapers.
  • Air Force guys are highly entertaining. So are engineers. Commentary becomes comedy…

Now that I know what to expect, my next visit should encompass everything I missed and more. It also got me quite interested in the DC thing. I can’t wait to see more of the east coast… consider me hooked.

~ by jackelopette on October 9, 2007.

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