Pre-Tryptophan Update

Well, we got the wireless in the Mac laptop to work… so I’m able to browse my usual haunts from Warren Hall without an ACCESS DENIED stamp coming up half the time. I’m tinkering with websites and polishing text and generally making myself mildly useful.

I hate fire alarm testing. I also hate the smell of carpet cleaner. Between these two headache-inducing factors, Ali let me work from WH today. Woot.

I’m still waiting for the HP laptop to return. I’m steadily losing respect for tech support there. Last time I had a computer crash on me (4 years ago??) the techs were still understandable and at least gave a good impression of being able to track my repair order. They were also prompt in returning the computer. This time… communication, speed, accuracy are all at the slim-to-none point. I’m not happy.

Smithsonian Air & Space Museum was awesomarvetastic. Between my membership card and the book clearance rack, I came home with a stack o’ books about rockets and rocket scientists and fighter pilots and fun topics that I never really explored much before. I mean, given my dad’s interest in the space program, I was well aware of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. I was even interested in them. And like any decent geek my age, I love Star Wars and Firefly and other spacey shows… but now I’m mildly hooked on the whole spaceflight/airflight culture. I blame it on my geeky friends. It’s nice to be able to choose my own topics of study for my free time… and not be bogged in homework.

Also, the Spy Museum is pretty cool. Expensive but I got my money’s worth from the exhibits. I’m not sure I’d go again because I spent a good 4 hours wandering around it all, but I recommend it to anyone with kids and/or gadget geeks. Also, good gift shop.

I did too much Christmas shopping this weekend. Then again, that means I can relax once I get to California, right?

I’m heading up to Boston for Thanksgiving. When I called on Saturday, the guys were trying to decide whether to oven-bake, deep-fry, or barbecue the turkey. I think you have to know (or at least have heard stories) about their antics to be able to truly appreciate the argument. I hope the fire department in Waltham is as good-natured as the one in Oak View, because when the guys get creative…

~ by jackelopette on November 20, 2007.

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