Now that I have my computer back, I’ve finally been able to condense all my music into one set of folders.

Here are some stats (though inexact when you get down into the MB range since I’m not being precise about my parameters):

Total Library Size: 26.53 GB

Genres (according to my mental categories)

  • Rock (in its myriad subsets): 7.65 GB
  • Showtunes: 3.22 GB
  • Classical: 2.96 GB
  • Choral: 2.45 GB
  • Pop: 1.42 GB
  • Alternative (loosely defined): 1.26 GB
  • Celtic: 1.20 GB
  • Soundtracks: 1.14 GB
  • The “Popera” crowd: ~1 GB
  • Holiday: ~875 MB
  • Jazz: ~825 MB
  • Opera: ~650 MB
  • Medieval: ~625 MB
  • World: ~575 MB
  • Folk: ~500 MB
  • New Age: ~500 MB
  • Country: ~400 MB
  • Techno: ~375 MB
  • Disney: ~225 MB
  • Hip Hop: ~200 MB
  • A Cappella: ~180 MB
  • Marching Band: ~170 MB
  • Bluegrass: ~125 MB
  • Humor/Parody: ~120 MB (not counting PDQ Bach)
  • Children’s Music: ~50 MB

If you take into account that I got TONS of varying kinds of rock, hip hop and pop from Steven and Allison that I haven’t really decided I like yet, that brings the balance of “preferences are reflected in library size” a little back into perspective.

My most-played song:

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony – 5th Movement

Yes, yes I’m taking the repetitions in my skull into account. Someone get it out.

~ by jackelopette on December 10, 2007.

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