Code Tweaking and 4-H Geekery.

I realize I haven’t been talking about the nature of my work lately.

Just assume that 4-H at the national level owns over 100 domains. Many of them redirect to each other, but it’s still a gigantic headache. This dates back to the days when every new initiative or corporate partnership or idea or whatever automatically deserved its own domain name.

Insert web-wide confusion here.

I can’t really talk about the fun things we’re designing and playing with, and really, it’s not us doing the coding. We’re just the buyers. And, as the customers, we’re right. Right?


We’ve been exploring all the many tools for online collaboration, social networking, statistics-tracking, and web-based learning we can. The goal is to incorporate ALL of these in a single, unified national 4-H web presence. If even half the things in the works go live, this project should significantly change the way 4-H does its magic – for staff, volunteers, and youth.

Here’s what I hate. I hate not being able to talk about it, because it’s seriously interesting stuff. I hate not being able to pick the brains of my friends for specific ideas, because that’s what I love doing.

It’s looking likelier and likelier that I’ll get to do that soon, though.

Beta approacheth.

One of my little projects (that I *am* allowed to mention in public) has been the navigation fixing and general format changing of Clover Corner News. Expect my fix to go live in 2 weeks – January 1, baby.

Cryptic, I know, but believe me, I’m having fun with it.

I’m also learning a lot along the way. Allison and Greg may remember the failed attempt to teach me CSS. Playing with Movable Type templates and whatnot has made me, while certainly not fluent in CSS or PHP by any means, definitely able to tweak my way to satisfaction.

To sum up…

I am getting paid to geek out on the internet. Seriously. This is kind of awesome.

~ by jackelopette on December 18, 2007.

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