Brief contemplations

Now that I’ve been here for a couple of months, on my own (more or less), living in the working world… I realize that I still have some growing up to do.

Telecommuting is awesome, as long as a few things are in place:
1. Regular team communication, just the team, keeping up with each others’ workloads and concerns.
2. Clear expectations and procedures for silly things like reimbursements and travel arrangements.
3. Regular face-to-face meetings, just to keep the human connection alive.

Living in Davis is awesome, so long as I remember these things:
1. I’m not a student anymore. That doesn’t mean I can’t keep up with the campus life, but it does mean that there are some fundamental changes in the way I relate to it.
2. I don’t have nearly the same kind of free time that I used to… same number of free hours but distributed differently.
3. My social circle has shrunk a lot. After spending all day online, I find myself craving human company. This is the opposite of when I was a student, surrounded by fellow students and bustle and activity all day, leaving me craving solitude and quiet. I look forward to evening get-togethers. I miss living with other people.

Budgets are good for you… like going to the dentist. They’re nerve-wracking and frustrating but in the end for the best. I’m learning more about budgeting every day. Yay me.

I love my kittens. Sophie has been somewhat eclipsed by the little one, in that she’s not nearly so cuddly and clingy now. She also seems happier. I’m glad.

Travel is becoming more and more expensive by the day. This saddens me. Daily travel, trips north, trips south… I need to be better about booking more in advance. Two weeks isn’t enough anymore.

I am loved. If anything, I’ve grown closer to my support network both here and far away. I would like to begin writing letters. If I do, would any of you like to trade them with me?

~ by jackelopette on June 17, 2008.

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