Busy, busy

With the amount of travel I’m racking up this summer, I will have many, many frequent flier miles. Let’s hope I have the time to make use of them.

My little one-bedroom apartment is great, but it’s lonely and expensive to live here on my own. Therefore, I’m making arrangements to move into a shared house – I don’t know which one from my list yet, but I’ll be saving between $300 and $500 a month by moving. Yes, it’s a bit stressful with all the travel going on, but I think long-term it’ll definitely be worth it.

ACCESS 4-H is moving along well. I lost a lot of confidence in the last couple of weeks, but after 10 days with Bob, Jon, and Jess it’s back and much improved. I was getting overwhelmed with everything going on … now I’m still busy but I feel like I can handle it. That’s good news for me.

So yes, I haven’t been blogging much, and I probably won’t be for a while. But I’m still alive and moving fast.

~ by jackelopette on July 23, 2008.

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