Feeling writerly without much to say

Another week – or nearly month – has come and gone, I’ve survived a deadline and (as Bob puts it) managed expectations… though I don’t feel all that satisfied with it.

I’ve moved, I’ve been lazy, I’ve been distracted and diffused and just not altogether in any one place… except when I’ve been spending time with David. The last couple of weekends have been lovely (and loverly) – making it difficult to maintain focus on a slightly less delightful daily life. That said, things are going measurably better here in the real world now than they had been. Incremental changes, yes?

Meanwhile, new place is working out well. Kitties are happy and affectionate and quite adorable as always. I find it easier and even more restful to spend evenings at home, which, really, was the whole point, wasn’t it? There are plans in the works for future celebrations, there is money in my bank account, and I have events on my horizon. Why do I miss the scholastic life so much?

I think I may be falling in love with San Francisco… Seattle… Portland… those lovely cities on the west coast, holders of culture and interest. Perhaps I’ve simply outgrown Davis.

Any recommendations for graduate schools and topics of study?

~ by jackelopette on September 8, 2008.

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