Meme-girl is Memeful.

Put your MP3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.

I Remember When

You hold the answer deep within your own mind
The moon shook and curled up like gentle fire
Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Feel it break your bones Mr. Jones

Your cell phone, your wallet, your time, your ideas
Tale as old as time
I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together
In a forest of stone underneath the corporate canopy

Crocodile on my feet
I was afraid you’d hit me if I’d spoken up
Bye bye, love.

Pale September, I wore the time like a dress that year
For all those girls, who speak contradiction
And it came to pass, all that seemed wrong
was now right
In the white room with black curtains near the station.

Just got back from Paris, France
Well, I know, I miss more than hit
Cupid hath pulled back his sweethearts bow
A starry destination is where we we’re going
Let me know that I’ve done wrong.

~ by jackelopette on December 8, 2008.

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