More changes

I’ve been here in Olympia/Lacey for three-ish weeks now… and I love it.

I guess there is a multitude of reasons:

  1. I chose it.
  2. David!
  3. Friends!
  4. Pretty views! And weather!
  5. I have a car.
  6. I have space to nest, and someone to nest with.
  7. I will soon have kitties
  8. I am close to plenty of shopping and other recreation, and I’m near the outdoors when I need a fix.
  9. New friends! And old ones coming out of the woodwork. Acquaintances and cousins I haven’t seen in years, if not decades.

In the meantime, David is off in Yakima doing silly things (let us not go there, for it is a silly place) for the next couple of weeks. Mike has deployed to Iraq with I Corps, and will be there for a year. Of course David will be going there, too, at the end of the summer.

Now that Mike’s room is cleared, I am facing a pile of stuff from storage that now needs to find a new home… I am nesting. Interrupting all this is a huge deadline for work, when our project launches to the world on April 22. Between now and then, I don’t think I’ll have much control over my schedule… but what’s new?

~ by jackelopette on March 10, 2009.

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