Some of you may know (if you bother to check this blog, still) that there’s a thriving blogging community for servicemembers and their families. “Milblogs” have become not only the modern-day equivalent of the letters written in wars prior, but a means of collaborating and even organizing a vibrant veterans group online.

This article exhorts those who no longer update their blogs to keep them archived and available online. A bit of a wakeup call for me, as I’ve been terribly remiss in my updates, but also a reminder that I have my side of a deployment coming up. My first, David’s second, and perhaps the right challenge for me to keep writing here. After all, I’ve a decent-sized list* of milblogs that I check regularly – it seems only fair that I in turn update mine.

So, while things are going well, I’m likely to be quiet on this here keyboard. My greatest impetus to writing is strong emotion, and the absence of loved ones triggers a fair amount of introspection. Hence, the writing will probably resume with more regularity in the coming months. I’m both apprehensive and excited to see what insights I gain from this one.

Go Web 2.0 – keep everyone connected, on a variety of platforms, and pay me to make it happen. Woot.

*List (a mix of personal blogs, group blogs, and newsblogs that I check pretty regularly each week)

  • Army of Dude – Alex’s account of his experiences in Iraq… and what has happened afterward.
  • FOB Tacoma – the local newspaper’s blog tracking all things Fort Lewis.
  • SpouseBUZZ – for military spouses, and I argue, the significant others as well.
  • Stryker Brigade News – news organized by brigade, including both home front and overseas information.
  • VetVoice – politics aside, it’s a pretty interesting set of public and personal blog posts by a variety of veterans. I often get some good links from these folks.
  • Army Live – yes, even the Army itself has started keeping a blog. Go Army.

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